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Champagne Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

 Champagne Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Champagne color is one of the most used colors by designers all over the world. The main difference with other tones is that champagne is used as the base to combine it with other colors, this means, it’s not part of the main chromatic scale from the look. This way champagne ballet flats are one of the best options. For many women wearing them is a challenge, so today from Balletinas we’ll give you some tips.

How to wear my champagne colored ballet flats? 

If you are looking for a discrete and feminine style, the best option is to wear your champagne flat shoes with clothes in pale pink. Even if it’s a combination that one can wear all year long, it’s much more flattering during the spring and summer months. So you can wear your champagne ballet flat shoes with a dress or a jumpsuit in pale pink. The result is very flattering. 

If you are looking for a more intense look, you can try to wear your champagne flat shoes with clothes in burgundy red, one of the most intense red tones of the scale. If you look for another red tone like apple red, this one is too red and the contrast with the ballerinas will be too much, but a deeper tone like burgundy red will match the ballerinas very nicely. 

And why not green? This color is something in between the pale pink and the burgundy red, this means that it does not complicate too much the look, and it’s not too intense. From balletinas we recommend you to choose a neutral green, like apple green. The combination of the color with champagne colored flat shoes will be incredible. 

Champagne ballet flat shoes, for the day or the night? 

For every moment! This color has been reserved in too many occasions only for night events, but the truth is that can be worn any moment. But, of course it depends on the tone of your champagne flat shoes. 

If you choose champagne ballerinas in a non intense tone, they are more suited for the daytime. If you go for champagne colored ballet flats with shimmering details and an intense color, then they are better for the night. 

In Balletinas you can find a large number of champagne flat shoes in different styles and with different details. 


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